ReSecCo - Really Secured Communication

ReSecCo is my attempt to dismantle ignorance and superficial knowledge regarding cryptologically secured communication. ReSecCo is a program designed around security requirements but I tried to make its handling easy.

There is a commercial interest of mine. I have to pay my rent and my food and some more. Nevertheless you may use ReSecCo for free if you are a private individual.

I want to support human rights activists. If you are governed by a dictatorial regime like the Turkish-, Chinese-, Hungarian-, Russian- or Polish government you and your organization may use secured communicaton provided by ReSecCo for free if you do not pursue commercial interests. Please contact me secured to get licensees' benefits. Today (7/18/17) I had to consternate the imprisonment of human rights activists in Turkey just because they have gathered information about secured communication. I myself will never set my feet in these countries but the internet enables all of us to act subversively against despotism. I would be confused if users of my software would be prosecuted. Be careful.

Private individuals who want and are able to honour my effort may buy a license for private usage. Professional users may check the program for a few weeks but I am hopefully expecting that you will license it afterwards if you like to use it in future.

To get ReSecCo use one of the buttons below. ReSecCo works under Windows Vista and later versions.

Download ReSecCo   Download ReSecCo Update

How to avoid setup problems mainly occuring with Microsoft®-browsers is explained in the section "Download ReSecCo".

Download ReSecCo Instructions

The commercial part of the ReSecCo project is managed by HL-Verlag Heike Lamprecht.

I am Ulrich Lamprecht and I am responsible for this program. My internet site is