Advertising with ReSecCo

Like a browser email clients are internet programs. So you can place content while the program is online. As an email client must be online to work it is possible to display content like adverts.

Because you can distribute ReSecCo to your followers you can combine ReSecCo's message with yours.

On the ReSecCo desktop there are four places where your adverts can be displayed. Any picture you have prepared can be hyperlinked to your web site. The headline of the program will be altered to point to your sponsorship. The adverts will switch after a quarter of an hour. During a day (24h) your adverts will be displayed three times which means that they are displayed 45 minutes a day.

Licensees are enabled to surpress adverts, other private users are not able to do this.

Adverts will be overlaid if a content's width needs this behavior. Adverts are not allowed to overlay content.

The advertiser has to deliver his contents to us. We need a declaration that he is justified to publish these contents. As we are liable to German law there is an additional necessity to declare that no links will be used that can injure regulations taken by Germany or the European Union.

The price of advertising within ReSecCo may change from month to month. If you have booked for a certain period the price is unalterable until this period ends.

Advertising can be agreed for one month up to one year. There is no entitlement to prolong the agreement.

We can place 32 partners of advertising at the same time.

We will not accept partners who represent political, religious or ideological content.

This is a general explanation. If you are interested in advertising per ReSecCo we will have to take a special agreement.