Download and Setup

You may load ReSecCo from the internet address Setup will be started by executing the downloaded program. You need a Windows OP from Vista onwards.

Download ReSecCo

ReSecCo is a very new program. Therefore Windows may tell you that the program is seldom downloaded and may cause harm on your computer. On Windows 10 this message may look like this.

Windows SmartScreen-Filter

"Windows protected your PC. Windows Defender Smartscreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk."

Now you have to click "More Info". Then there will be another button "Run anyway" beside the button "Don't run"

After clicking "Run anyway" the setup will start:

Click on "Yes".

If you use the defaults, ReSecCo will be installed in the folder „Program files" resp. „Program files (x86)“. Inside the start menu you will find ReSecCo in the alphabetical sorted list. You may add it to your task bar by right clicking on ReSecCo and selection of "More".