ReSecCo - known problems

The gpg-agent sleeps

The gpg-agent is part of the gnuPG package. It manages access to private keys. You can adjust the time it will cache passphrases. If this time is expired you are prompted to enter your passphrase if it is needed by the agent.

I use ReSecCo on three computers. Mostly anything works fine but sometimes the gpg-agent seems to be fallen asleep. The hourglass works but nothing happens.

Use the Windows taskmanager.

You can invoke it by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del or by starting "Taskmgr". Within the taskmanager you should kill the process "gpg-agent.exe". The agent will be restarted immediately and you will be prompted to enter a passphrase. Do not kill the process "resecco.exe".

GnuPG is not mine, it is only used by ReSecCo.

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